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SDO is not currently recruiting, check back with us before Fall term!

Sigma Delta Omega is represented by strong leaders who are paving their way into successful futures through volunteering, social activities and academic excellence. This leadership continues through our prominent alumni network, who proudly help members find valuable jobs upon graduation. Browse through our site to learn more.

     Sigma Delta Omega is a sisterhood of scientists who highly value academic excellence, service, and membership growth. We are an interest-based sorority who all share a passion for science. Our organization contains a diverse group of people who are brought together by a common love for science.

    Fall recruitment is the first and biggest event of the year and we would love to see as many potential new members as possible. The recruitment process is a holistic review of each person's values and character. Each recruitment event is a fun-filled evening of getting to know some of our sisters while we get to know more about each potential new member. SDO has been growing exponentially over the last couple of years and wants to continue growing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the requirements?

A: A potential new member must attend at least one recruitment event to receive an application for associate membership (there may be accommodations). We also have a 3.0 GPA requirement. If granted membership each member is required to have 10 community service hours and 10 study hours each TERM. 


Q: What council is SDO a part of?

A: SDO is a part of the Collective Greek Council which also includes 3 other interest-based Greek affiliations. The CGC is a large part of the Greek community at Oregon State and we continuously work with other councils as well. 


Q: What are the housing options?

A: SDO is an unhoused sorority which is one of the ways that makes us such an accessible organization. Although we do not have a house, many sisters choose to find housing together and become roommates. 

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