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Our Leadership
Academic Year 2023-2024


Carly Thorkildson


Before serving as President, Carly served as the ‘22-’23 Treasurer and the ‘21-’22 Academic Success chair. When asked why, they chose their current position,  

Carly said: “I want to help make SDO the best it can be and I really look forward to interacting with the larger OSU Greek Community.” The aspect of her position Carly is most excited about is “working with our new officer team and continuing to grow the sorority.” When asked why Carly said: “I’m really excited to see what new ideas and plans the officers bring and how we can make SDO truly great.” 

Anika Phuvasate

Vice President

Before serving as Vice President, Anika served as the ‘22-’23 Secretary and the ‘21-’22 Academic Outreach chair. When asked why she chose her position, Anika said: “I loved being on the Executive Council this past year because I got to be part of such a proactive team that continuously strives to make the sorority more inclusive and all of our operations more efficient. I want to continue the work we’ve been doing until I graduate and I think that I’ve built up a lot of experience and passion for the sorority over the years that will help me a ton with the Vice President role!” The aspect of her position Anika is most excited about is: “working with the sisters I’ve gotten closer to over the years on Exec and also getting to see our officers bring their ideas to life.” 


Anusha Vasudevan



Before serving as our Secretary, Anusha served as the ‘22-’23 Public Relations officer! When asked why she chose her current position, she said: “I wanted to be more involved and help support the sorority as part of the exec team! I felt like the role of Secretary definitely played to my strengths and I wanted to help strengthen our connections with alumni.” After being asked about the aspect of her position she is most excited about, Anusha answered: “I’m most excited just to be a part of exec and to be able to serve as a friendly face that people can come to if they ever need anything! I’m also excited to create the alumni newsletters because I absolutely love designing things using Canva!” 

Britney Nguyen



Before serving as Treasurer, Britney served as the ‘22-’23 Vice President and ‘21-’22 Co-Social chair. When asked why she chose her position, Britney said: “I chose my position as Treasurer because I want to make sure to maximize our funds and be the financial voice that can speak on behalf of all our members.” The aspect of her position Britney is most excited about is planning “our Spring Retreat and bigger events with our lovely Co-Social Chairs and Sorority Affairs Officer!”


Lia Kane 


Before serving as Standards chair, Lia served as the ‘21-’22 Campus Relations officer and the ‘22-’23 Recruitment officer! When asked why they chose their current position, they said: “I ran for Standards knowing that I can provide some personable interactions with our members, regardless of whether or not they've violated a policy. I wanted to bring even more transparency to the position and increase effective communication between the Executive Council and the members. I also find that collaborative policy changes and edits are best done with a collective voice of the organization, and I hope to help facilitate those conversations and create fair and feasible policies for the sorority! Lia is “excited to work with such an amazing Executive Council and assist them in achieving anything they need!” She is “also excited to get member input on the cogs and wheels of the sorority to keep our organization proactive and dynamic.” Lia would also like to “emphasize that Sigma Delta Omega is always looking for ways to make our organization more equitable and open to people from all walks of life, Historically, fraternity and sorority life has typically not been inclusive to people having different racial identities, gender identities, sexual orientations, ability levels, and financial status. Sigma Delta Omega welcomes everyone interested in science, and we work to ensure our policies reflect these ideals.” 

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