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As a sisterhood we host several fundraisers and events to support two incredible organizations! Keep reading to learn a little about each of them!

OSU STEM Academy

This organization is a non-profit program that is dedicated to increased education and interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education in elementary, middle and high schools. OSU STEM Academy hosts camps and classes right on the OSU campus.  We are a proud sponsor of not only OSU STEM Academy, but their scholarship program that helps make STEM education accessible to more members of the Corvallis community. The members of Sigma Delta Omega have the incredible opportunity to serve as leaders and mentors for the Advocates for Women in Science, Engineering and Math (AWSEM) club that is specially designed to create a safe space for young girls exploring a passion in science. On top of volunteering as mentors, SDO also hosts several fundraisers such as the Fall-O'ween porch decoration competition, Jamba cards, and Annual Trivia Night during Winter Term. Proceeds from each of these events goes to the OSU STEM Academy!

Click Here To Learn More About OSU STEM Academy!




SDO had the honor of partnering with ATO to host a joint-philanthropy event in the Spring of 2023. This event included participating chapters filming original short films or popular movie scenes as well as individuals having the opportunity to participate in SDO's yearly raffle. 

Congratulations to TKE, the overall film-festival winners!!!!


To see a snippet of their submission head over to our instagram page!

Special thanks to ATO for partnering with us for this event. 

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